A lot to do
Of course there is a reason behind the Image Bank. We not only want to collect digitalized images, we also want to describe their background. To do so, we need to join forces. The IMSC would like to collaborate with communities, agencies, museums, archives and private parties who have relevant Mennonite visual material.

Help build the Image Bank!

Late this summer, every fellowship received an invitation to help build the Image Bank with at least two volunteers. At a workshop, the volunteers will be given criteria for selecting material. We will practice techniques for scanning, describing and inserting images. Ms Simone Stoltz, instructor at the Reinwardt Academy and specialist in this field, will supervise these one-day workshops.

Costs and Rights
Attending the workshop and taking part in the Image Bank are free of charge. However, much of the material will be so large or complex that a professional firm will be needed toe digitalize it. This is something the owner will be charged for, but if necessary the International Menno Simons Center can help apply for a grant. Of course the rights to all the digitalized material will remain in the hands of the participants and owners who come to us with their material. They also have the right to make alterations in the descriptions of the material.

Would you like more information or would you like to sign up?

Send an email to Kees Knijnenberg

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